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    Stephanie's expertise lies in exploring the ethical and social impact of emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and the metaverse. Her extensive career has seen her occupy influential positions at esteemed institutions such as the United Nations, technology startups, and NGOs across the globe, including locations such as San Francisco, Paris, Mexico, Rome, New York, India and Boston. Stephanie's academic journey has seen her specialize in the philosophical foundations of artificial intelligence at Stanford, with additional studies in business, public policy, and computer science.


    As a member of the American Philosophical Association and a respected authority in her field, Stephanie's contributions to the realm of philosophy extend beyond academia. In 2020, she embarked on an inspiring venture by creating the French philosophical podcast "My Philosophy's Path" (Le chemin de ma philosophie). Through this platform, Stephanie engages in thought-provoking discussions, interviews experts, and shares her unique insights, bridging the gap between complex philosophical concepts and accessible language. Her dedication to challenging academic conventions and anchoring philosophical ideas in real-life issues sets her apart as an innovative thinker.

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